Forty-five years ago, I used to make an extra income entertaining. I performed magic tricks and illusions on stage and at parties. I used a wand then, traditionally black with white tips. My rod of office. I used to joke as I waved my wand, “I am a mystic and this is me stick” and people used to laugh, but then it was 45 years ago. I watched my audience and enjoyed the bewilderment in people’s eyes, their smiles and their happiness. But sadly that magic was all tricks.

But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I might hold a wand that seemed to perform real magic.

Yet now I am holding a wand again and this one is different. It seems as though it has the power of real magic. I see the same bewilderment in people’s eyes, their smiles and their happiness as they feel the effect of the wand.

I first found out about the Amega© AMwand through a dear friend who directed me to an Audio web link.  I am sharing this with you as this is the essence of what the wand and business opportunity is all about. It is compelling listening. It is from an unedited live webinar.


The opportunity to make an extra income helping others to help themselves through Amega’s unique evolutionary wellness aids to selfcare is an opportunity not to be missed.
This as a revolution. Join the revolution now.    

I am back to making an extra income waving a wand and you could too.

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